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Make Moving House with Your Pet Stress-Free

Make Moving House with Your Pet Stress-Free
Dogs are very receptive creatures and moving home can have just as much impact on animals.
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Tips as pets and wildlife wake up from their winter snooze

Tips as pets and wildlife wake up from their winter snooze
With spring around the corner, many animals will be coming out of hibernation.
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Local Veterinary Surgery Offers Moment of Reflection

Local Veterinary Surgery Offers Moment of Reflection
The new memorial bench, in memory of former partner Bryan Green, has officially been unveiled.
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Local Vets Launch New Online Prescription Service

Local Vets Launch New Online Prescription Service
After completing a simple form, you will be able to collect your prescription from one of our surgeries.
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Firework Fear is Not Yet Over for Pets

According to the RSPCA, an estimated 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. Bonfire Night may be over but New Year is just around the corner, which is why a local Horsham vet is reminding owners to continue any calming techniques for pets.

Julian Peters, owner of the Arthur Lodge Veterinary Group in Sussex and Surrey, commented: “Once Bonfire Night has passed, people tend to forget about fireworks. However, the reality is that more and more people are using fireworks to celebrate New Year. Therefore, it is extremely important to continue any calming procedures that you feel have helped your pet. If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to start preparations for New Year.”

Feliway and DAP are plug-in devices, which can be used to calm pets. Another recent addition to the market is the Sounds Scary! CD sound therapy pack, which can be used by owners to reassure dogs that they don’t necessarily need to be afraid of loud noises. The CD features loud noises, including fireworks and thunder. Owners should play it at a low volume at first so that the dog shows no reaction. The volume should then be slowly increased until the dog doesn’t react to the noises at all, even when the CD is played at a reasonable volume. The final stage is to teach the dog to associate the sound of the CD with something pleasant, such as food or play.

James Yeates, RSPCA’s chief veterinary officer, said: “We receive many calls around New Year about animals who are scared of fireworks, so we’re urging those holding displays to think about giving people in their area plenty of notice of when they will be. We’re also urging people to go to organised displays and to avoid putting on displays near animals.”

Arthur Lodge are also giving the followings tips which can also be useful to help keep pets calm:

  • Take dogs on extra long walks during the day.
  • Keep pets inside – bring any animals that live outside into the house for the evening or make sure that their cages are partially covered with a blanket as well as providing them with extra bedding so that they can burrow.
  • Ensure that animals have a tag with contact details on it in case they do try to run away.
  • Draw the curtains and have a radio or television on in the background to distract from the noise of the fireworks.
  • Choose a specific room for pets and create a den for them so that they are able to ‘hide’ from the fireworks.
  • Try to stay with pets on the night itself. However, do not comfort them should they begin to show signs of distress as this will reinforce to the animal that there is something to worry about.


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