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Make Moving House with Your Pet Stress-Free

Make Moving House with Your Pet Stress-Free
Dogs are very receptive creatures and moving home can have just as much impact on animals.
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Tips as pets and wildlife wake up from their winter snooze

Tips as pets and wildlife wake up from their winter snooze
With spring around the corner, many animals will be coming out of hibernation.
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Local Veterinary Surgery Offers Moment of Reflection

Local Veterinary Surgery Offers Moment of Reflection
The new memorial bench, in memory of former partner Bryan Green, has officially been unveiled.
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Local Vets Launch New Online Prescription Service

Local Vets Launch New Online Prescription Service
After completing a simple form, you will be able to collect your prescription from one of our surgeries.
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Pet Shopping Tips: To Buy or Not To Buy

The RSPCA has recently revealed that they have witnessed an astonishing 65% increase in animals abandoned over the last five years. Following this, a local veterinary surgery is urging owners to make the right choice when buying a pet.

Julian Peters, owner of Arthur Lodge Veterinary Group, commented: “Many people like the thought of owning a pet but it is a huge undertaking. There is no doubt that animals bring a lot of joy to people’s lives, however it is essential that potential owners are 100% certain before making the decision.”

Julian continued: “It can be a confusing task to choose a pet so it is often useful to weigh everything up and even write a pros and cons list, both for whether to buy a pet and what animal to opt for. More important than anything else, the owner needs to be absolutely certain that they know everything about the animal they are purchasing before making the final decision.”

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, as is choosing one. It is important to purchase a pet from a reliable source. Never buy pets that are sold on the street or at markets, as it is illegal to sell animals in this way. If buying a pet from an individual, make sure to ask the right questions as this can affect an owner’s legal rights.

Where puppies are concerned, it is vital to check that the seller has a license to breed dogs. If making a purchase at a pet shop, ensure that they have a licence from the local authority and that the conditions are acceptable. Another option is to find an animal at a charitable rescue centre, of which there are many.

Arthur Lodge urge everyone to think about the following when buying a pet:

  • The age of the animal – the older the animal, the more veterinary care it is likely to need and this is something to bear in mind.
  • The animal’s mood – people with young children may wish to avoid an aggressive animal.
  • The care and food that the animal requires – some animals are more costly to keep than others and it is important to consider the economic implications before buying.
  • The health of the animal – if an animal has an existing medical condition, it is essential to be made aware of this, not only for the sake of the animal but also for the owner as it will inevitably entail costly veterinary bills.

Arthur Lodge Veterinary Surgery
17 Brighton Road, Horsham
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Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex
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Unit 5, Ockley Court Farm
Coles Lane, Ockley, Surrey, RH5 5LS
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White Horse Veterinary Surgery
226 Crawley Road, Roffey
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